Aria’s Traveling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin

A beautifully written journey about becoming who you’ve always wanted to be, and opening yourself up to love after withstanding the worst sort of loss.


Aria knows what she wants in life, and that is to live the life of a nomad in her traveling book shop/van. She has everything she could want with her van full of romance books, and her dear friends who travel with her, but watching the people she cares for finding and enjoying loving relationships makes her feel all the more lonely.

Aria was married to an amazing man who dies much too soon, and she made a promise to him that she would never fall in love again. Then she meets an author named Jonathon, and fate seems to be placing him into her path more than she is comfortable with.

My Thoughts:

What a wonderful story about loving someone, and being loved. The intensely emotional struggles that Aria faces tug at our heartstrings, and caused me to shed more than a few tears throughout the book. We feel her pain and share in her suffering, but also rejoice in her triumphs.

I enjoyed everything about this book, and while this book was perfect,y suitable as a stand alone novel, I cannot wait to read the first book in this series about her best friend, Rosie, so that I can immerse myself again in the wonderful world of these nomadic folk.

Thank you so much to HQ Digital and Netgalley for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review!

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