Every Day in December by Kitty Wilson

A lovely story about the different kinds of grief people hold onto, what they can look like, and how they can impact our relationships.


Belle loves December and the holidays and everything that comes with it. Her life long love is Shakespeare, and she has spent most of her life poring over his works; translating them into language that people can understand, and researching every aspect of his plays and sonnets. Her dream is to get her vast collection of information into the school system, and to make Shakespeare more accesible to children of all ages.

Rory hates December and everything that reminds him of it. He lost someone important to him on a December evening, and has decided that love is too difficult to lose, and won’t ever open himself up to it again.

Rory’s job brings him back into Belle’s life as he is trying to improve the reputation of her celebrity chef father. Belle decides to take on the task of getting Rory to enjoy December again, and they start growing closer. Rory is only in the country for the month of December, and both wonder if a relationship would work or even be worth pursuing.

My thoughts:

Every day in December is recorded in the book, and told from either Rory or Belle’s perspective, which I thought was a wonderful way to tell the story. The romance is very much a slow burn, and watching their friendship bloom was truly enjoyable.

I thorougly enjoyed this book. I loved watching each of them grow in various ways, and the interactions between the two of them were heartwarming.

Thank you so much to Kitty Wilson, Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter and Netgalley for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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