Will They, Won’t They? by Portia MacIntosh

Emmy is kind of a big deal. She has been on a fantasy tv show as one of the front runners for the last six years (think Game of Thrones) but now she has been killed off, and her beloved grandfather has died.

She returns to her hometown to help out her family and to say goodbye to her grandfather, not able to tell anyone about losing her job (due to an iron clad non-disclosure agreement. While Emmy is worrying about where her next job will come from, her old high school friends are worrying about the old community theater being shut down. Hoping that a play with a big name starring will raise funds to keep the theater alive, her friends talk her into staying in town awhile and helping out.

Her mother and sisters are also having issues deciding what to do with their father’s run down home. Emmy offers to buy it from them and intends to renovate it and sell eventually, giving everyone time to properly empty it and to say goodbye to the old place,

Emmy has her hands full with all of the promises she has made to everyone, and then in walks the guy who got away. Scott and Emmy have circled around each other since they were young, but always somehow got the timing wrong, With Emmy cast as the heroine in the play they are putting on, and Scott as the hero, is this finally the time they’ll get together?

This book was a fun romance that kept you guessing. The cast of characters is large, and each and every one of them is flushed out just enough to make you care about them and what they are hiding (and it seems like just about everyone of them has a secret or is up to something). A very enjoyable read!

Thank you so much to Boldwood Books and Portia Macintosh for gifting me an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review! 

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