Other People’s Things by Kerry Anne King


Nicole has lived pretty much her entire life as a disappointment; her marriage is over, she has moved back in with her mother, the only job she can get is because her sister owns the business, and she has just gotten out of jail. All of this is because Nicole is seen by the world as a kleptomaniac.

Nicole has felt the need to ‘move’ objects from a young age. The objects that she steals can impress upon Nicole where they would rather be, and this causes Nicole all kinds of trouble. Nicole’s biggest problem right now is that she found a substantial amount of money in her husband’s desk drawer that wanted to be moved, and he wants the money back.

My thoughts:

No review I give will possibly do this book justice. What looks like cut and dried theft at the beginning of this book actually ends up being an amazing story of fate intertwining itself into Nicole’s life to use her to serve it’s own purposes. The story is magical and touching. The characters are raw and endearing and real. And a continual theme presented throughout the book is that situations look differently on the outside than to the people involved.

I loved this book so much, that I didn’t want to say goodbye to it. It was magical, and real, and touching all at once. It was my first book by Kerry Anne King, and I know that it won’t be my last. I am looking forward to reading more from her!

Thank you so much to Lake Union Publishing for providing me an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

I gave my review of this book on the 3 Book Girls podcast (episode 261). If you’d like to listen, my review starts at the 33 minute mark.

Episode 261

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