The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

This was a really sweet rom-com with some pretty hysterical banter between the love interests!

Nathan is a pro football quarterback who has loved his high school best friend for the last seven years.
Bree owns a dance studio for low income familes, and has loved her high school best friend for the last seven years.

Between the two of them, they keep making mis-steps when it comes to each other. They are each convinced that the other only sees them as a friend, and don’t want to rock the boat and mess up their friendship.

Finally, one night, Bree makes a drunken mistake and says a little too much to a woman in the restroom who turns out to be a reporter. Next thing, either of them know, Nathan’s publicist is asking them to pretend they are in a relationship as part of an ad campaign.

This was a closed door romance, but there were plenty of steamy moments between the two friends. The ping ponging between the two of them, and the misunderstandings that continue to keep them apart, are frustrating, but make the moment that they overcome all other obstacles that much sweeter.

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