The Midnight Man by Caroline Mitchell

Great creepy read for October!

Years ago a man walked through Blackwell Manor and killed his four year old son, father, mother, wife, and then his 14 year old daughter. The house still stands in Slaythorn, making it the perfect haunted house.

Years later, five young girls are invited to the house to play the Midnight Game. They must write their names on a piece of paper and then put their own blood on it. At midnight they knock 22 times, and this invites the Midnight Man in. Each girl must always have a lit candle with them, or else the Midnight Man can get them, While five girls go into the game, only four come out.

This was a great thriller and spooky tale. There are a few different mysteries to solve along the way, and many characters that all have their secrets about the night the family was killed, and about the night of the Midnight Game. Each time I thought I had a handle on what was going on, I was pulled into a different direction.

I recommend it as a great book for the suspense novel lover!

Thanks so much to Embla books and Caroline Mitchell for sending me this eArc via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!

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