All the Feels by Olivia Dade

Alex is one of the hunky male leads of the super popular tv show, Gods of the Gates. He has a big personality, and a bigger heart, but he keeps getting into trouble in the media. Enter Lauren, an ER therapist who gets roped into being his handler, and put in charge of babysitting him to make sure he doesn’t get into anymore trouble.

There are so many reasons why this book is amazing! First, the fact that Olivia Dade is the queen of relationships between unlikely people. Her heroines are plus sized and her heroes are the kind of guys who could have their pick of women. The beauty of Olivia’s books are in the way the characters grow in their friendhsips and in their intimacy. None of the characters change who they are or how they look in order to forge forward in their relationship. They simply accept everything about each other and love all those different parts.

Alex has ADHD, and his illness is handled in a very real and authentic way. I always find it refreshing when the author brings education without it having to be a main plot point of the book. His ADHD is simply handled as something that affects his life.

The awesome banter that occurs in text chats between Alex and his coworkers, between Alex and his best friend, and between Lauren and Alex are just fire. The fan fiction that Alex writes is hysterical. And he watches GBBO and his favorite season is the Nadiya season (honestly, isn’t that everyone’s favorite season?). This book makes the characters so real and lovable, that I can’t wait for the next installment.

Thank you so much to Olivia Dade, and to Avon Books for providing me this eARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!

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