Manic Monday Inc. by Melissa Storm

The third in the Sunday Potluck Club series

Available 10/26/21

Manic Monday Inc is the third book in the third book in the Sunday Potluck Club, but I read this book as a stand alone, having not read any of the previous books. I had no issues reading this as a stand alone book at all.

Nichole’s father has recently gone into remission from a cancer diagnosis, but she can’t stop worrying that if she does something incorrectly, that he will become sick again. Her friend, Hazel, is pregnant and Nichole feels worried rather than overjoyed by her news, thinking about all of the things that could go wrong with the pregnancy. When Nichole goes to see a doctor, she is given a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but Nichole is very conflicted by the diagnosis.

In the midst of everything else going on in her life, she is set up with Caleb, who enlists her help with organizing his disorganzied life. She feels something for him, but is he really deserving of her quirks and issues? Is she deserving of a relationship when she already has so many others that need her?

Manic Monday, Inc is a refreshing and realistic look at anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. This isn’t only a love story, but also a journey that Nichole must make toward better wellness. One can’t help but feel her anxiety as she puts the well being of everyone around her before her own. She has a wonderful support system in her friends, but she hesitates to let anyone know about her struggles. Watching this story unfold was at times difficult, and at times sad, but the friendships between herself and her girlfriends, and between herself and Caleb are a joy to watch.

I very much enjoyed this book and am looking forward to going back to read about the other members of the Sunday Potluck Club.

Thank you so much to Kensington Books for providing me an eARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review! 

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