What have I gotten into?

All I do is buy, buy, buy.

I know, I know, I’m insanely late to the game. I’ve seen all the book hauls on BookTok, I know all of the amazingness that comes from those lovely brown boxes with the red tape.

But I am exclusively an ereader type person. In fact, when we moved to the house we are in two years ago, I got rid of almost all of our physical copies of books. Why then, am I placing order after order at BookOutlet.com?

Firsty, there is just something about looking at a beautiful bookcase full of your favorite books! I love staring at the pretty book covers and spines. I even like the weird new book smell. I will continue to read on a device because I am getting old, and the little print of those books is enough to cross my eyes a lot of times. But occasionally when my readers are within easy grasp, I’ll probably grab a physical copy of a book and break a spine. (sorry to all of those who I just offended) 😉

So this was my latest book haul from BookOutlet.com. I may or may not have a couple more coming yet. I can’t seem to stop checking what books get added every day. Someone send help. I have a legitimate illness!

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